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FKD Defi determines whether swapping within a liquidity pool or through the order book will provide the best price for the user, and executes accordingly

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Staking Pool

Earn new tokens by staking FKD and by
providing liquidity for any BSC token

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Yield Farms

Earn FKD by providing liquidity and earn yield through fees and yield farms. FKD farms allow liquidity providers to earn tokens as reward incentives for providing liquidity, in addition to trading fees

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Our mission

FKD DEX’s mission is to provide accessible financial opportunities for the (crypto) traders through transparency, security, and support. Our goal is to provide the best trading conditions to our community members through our latest technology.

Our Vision

FKD DEX’s mission is to provide accessible financial opportunities for the (crypto) traders through transparency, security, and support. Our goal is to provide the best trading conditions to our community members through our latest technology.

Our Values
We create tools for users to leverage DeFi opportunities, regardless of background, wealth, or experience.
We build together through community-driven governance and transparent processes that ensure our users understand our collective goals.
Our highest priority is to maximize the safety of our users' funds, our partner projects, and our community
Roadmap for FKD DEX

FKD DEX is a part of FaceKindle Social media platform. Our goal is to build a community and provide access to the multiple finance market. FKD DEX is a de centralized exchange supported by its own token “FKD” to provide easy access to our token holders to trade at their very own developed exchange. The roadmap will help achieve top spot in the DeFi world and is also a path to unlimited scalability for FKD exchange.

Phase ONE: FKD Token
  • Introducing FKD token built on Binance chain
  • Listed on major exchanges
  • Support all BSC tokens during phase one
  • Fast settlement
  • Cheap gas fee
  • Swap functionality
  • Farming
  • Liquidity pool
Phase TWO: FKD Token
  • FKD cross chain multiple bridge
  • Active wallet ecosystem
  • Create your own markets
  • Active GUI ecosystem
  • Mobile app
  • FKD metaverse game
  • More token listing
Phase THREE: FKD Token
  • Borrow/lending
  • Yield
  • More cross-chain bridges
  • AMMs
  • Margin trading / contracts
  • Tokens and exchanges natively supporting cross chain tokens
  • Volume and TVL growth
  • Charity Foundation
Our latest services

No pointless fees, no barriers to entry. All transactions on FKD DEX are with minimum gas fees and we support every level of transaction, from simple swaps to complex API trades. Quickly swap between any of the pairs listed on our platform. You can set your own maximum slippage and we’ll warn you when your trade is going to move the market too much.

FKD Four swaps steps

  • Connect your wallet
  • Choose your asset
  • Swap
  • Withdraw

In addition to swapping tokens, FKD users can also add liquidity to the DEX itself by contributing equal amounts of two tokens (a token pair) to create liquidity provider (LP) tokens. Liquidity pools are created by pairing together two different crypto tokens and depositing them into a smart contract. FKD currently uses the constant product formula for our automated market marker (AMM) and liquidity pools, ensuring that assets are always deposited in an equal 50/50 split based on the current value of those assets, and that all liquidity pools only ever have two tokens in them.

Any time someone swaps between a BNB Chain token pair on FKD DEX, a 0.20% trading fee is collected. For trades on BNB Chain: Of the 0.20% trading fee, 0.05% goes to the FKD DEX Treasury, and the remaining 0.15% is distributed proportionally to all holders of the applicable FKD-LP token.

With our Yield Farms, users can stake their FKD-LP tokens after providing liquidity to boost their LP earning power through native FKD token rewards. At FKD DEX, we use our farms to primarily incentivize users to provide liquidity for their favorite projects by rewarding users who stake particular FKD-LP tokens with FKD. We are foremost a DEX, so the more liquidity we have available, the more users can trade. It’s in everyone's best interest to encourage liquidity for popular trading pairs on FKD DEX, because popular trading pairs require more liquidity and generate more trading fee revenue.

Along with Staking Pools, Yield Farms allow users the ability to generate passive income. With Yield Farms, instead of staking a protocol token like FKD as an input token in return for a reward token, users stake protocol liquidity provider tokens (in this case, FKD-LPs) as input tokens in return for FKD. Yield farming is a way to put your FKD-LP tokens to work, actively earning FKD rewards on top of the trading fees that you collect as an FKD-LP holder

As originally proposed, FKD DEX Governance is planned to revolve around our most essential long-term community members—those who hold FKD.

Specifically, here’s how FKD DEX Governance will work:

  • FKD will be the token that dictates a user’s ability to vote. Each FKD owned by an address counts as one vote for any given proposal.
  • FKD must be actively held in the wallet to have voting power. NOTE: FKD staked in pools will not count towards a user's ability to vote.
  • Two types of proposals can be made: FDK DEX Core and Community. FKD DEX Core proposals are made by the FKD DEX team. Community proposals can be made by anyone holding 5000 FKD or more in a single wallet.
  • We require a minimum quorum of 7.5% of the circulating FKD supply for a proposal’s results to be honored. Only FKD that is held in wallets and not staked in FKD Staking Pools will count towards the "circulating" FKD supply for the purposes of the quorum calculation.
  • We require a supermajority of 50%+ votes towards one proposal option for results to be honored.

  • Fast and secure: BSC chain transactions powered by a fully decentralized instant swap technology
  • Have full control of your assets: and swap them in seconds
  • Easy-to-use interface: for smooth trading
  • DAO system: for more fairness and transparency

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